Mexico  (Sing with feeling)


Pack the car

We’re leaving tonight

Man I searched online

I couldn’t find the flight

I’m getting to Mexico

Anyway that I can

This here town’s

More boring than brown

Gotta change my mind

Gotta turn it around

Seems like everyone has got

Someone to love

And I’m only woman on Earth who’s sleeping alone

Man it’s summer time

Then why do I feel so cold?


One, two, five hundred miles

My head gets weary gets harder to smile

Seems like (insert thoughts here)

But you know it ain’t so

Livin’ conditioned

I go thru my day learning nothing

I’m the same person

It’s just a different situation

If you looked at Spaceship Earth from outer space

The United States of America would look like a

Racecar race


Down in Mexico

I don’t watch the clock

I go with the flow

Take the morning slow

And a fiesta in the evening

Stand beside yourself

Take a good look at the cards you've been dealt

Mi amigo

Drop your ego

If you’re feelin’ out of place

Just meditate

The illusion you feel is not real

And it will soon fade…


© 2006 Theresa Dollmann